12 Mo. Total Transformation Coaching Program

What it includes:

    Spend a virtual (or in person local to Seattle) half day with me so you can get a jumpstart for your success. I will walk you through an area of your home that is the most pressing for you to ditch and switch from toxins to natural health benefiting remedies. You will learn exactly what to do and when and will receive a written report to support you on your path for the next 12 months.

  •  36 Transformational Sessions (40-minute sessions)
    In these energy-infused sessions, you'll begin to identify the limiting beliefs and emotions that are holding you in sabotaging habits and patterns of thought. You’ll be able to create empowering mindsets and action steps that support your personal growth, health, and vitality. As a result, you will open up to new possibilities for life and business and move forward in achieving your goals. 

  • Private Emergency Video Chat/Messaging
    When you have a pressing health need, you will have quick and easy access to ask your questions and inquire about which natural health remedy will help you in the moment

  • Onboarding Gift Package
    Tools to support you so you can get the best results

  • 4 Emotion Code Sessions (40-minute sessions)
    To quickly address pressing Emotional or Physical Health Concerns and release emotional baggage

  • "Exquisite Client Support System" 
    To enhance the value of your program:

  • Highly focused and supportive 40-minute Coaching/Healing sessions 
    typically within the first three full weeks of the month to allow for processing and implementation
  • Call Strategy tool 
    that helps you prepare for your call, to get us completely focused so that you can derive the most value from your session
  • Post-Session Recap tool
    for immediate accountability and insight, to let you fully integrate your coaching experience and essential take-aways from the session so that you can create new habits more quickly 
  • Access to Coach
    in an online client log between sessions for ‘just in time’ coaching, where you can communicate your challenges, questions, breakthroughs, and successes so you can keep the momentum going
  • Private Client Portal
    to keep all of your notes, forms, and correspondence organized for your convenience so you can retrieve what you need to get better results faster
  • Additional Resources
    exercises, tools, templates, etc., for additional benefit on your personal health journey

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